Food Safety Policy

Cooperativa Agrícola de Olivicultores de Vila Flor e Ansiães CRL was created with the goal of reinvigorating the industry, focusing on three branches: production, extraction and sale of quality olive oil. Its mission is the valorisation of its products, of olive growers in the region, motivating farmers to olive cultivation, introducing new techniques to improve olive production and contributing to dignifying the Region.

It’s our intention to continue to walk towards the total satisfaction of the needs and expectations of consumers of olive oil, producing and presenting excellent quality olive oil and assuring a high degree of food safety.

For that, the Food Safety Policy is determinant to our success and is based on the following commitments:
  • To produce high-quality olive oil, guaranteeing its safety through a rigorous control;
  • Total satisfaction of our customers and partners;
  • To create solid partner relationships with members and suppliers, creating value on the quality of our products;
  • To meet the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and other requirements subscribed by the Cooperative, maintaining information always available to members, employees, customers and official entities;
  • To raise awareness and provide training to our staff, so they can adequately fulfil all responsibilities assigned to them, motivating them and increasing their efficiency;
  • To promote the continuous improvement of the organization;
  • To keep an effective communication with members, suppliers, customers and official entities in what concerns food safety matters.
In this sense, the Management of the Cooperative undertakes to comply with all established requirements and to continuously improve the effectiveness of our Food Safety Management System.